Notice on social responsibility

Dear Valued Clients and Website Visitors,

As a reputable business, our responsibilities extend beyond merely fulfilling our core services to customers and writers. We are committed to upholding ethical standards and adhering to societal norms that promote the greater good.

While we cannot provide absolute assurances against the potential misuse or inappropriate application of the research materials we provide, we are dedicated to elevating our service to the highest levels of integrity and social accountability.

To this end, we have identified certain subjects and fields of study where the misuse or improper utilization of research material by a client could potentially have direct and significant implications.

We recognize scenarios where fundamental human rights, life, and health might be directly impacted by the real-world professional decisions made by our clients based on the resources we provide.

We acknowledge the following areas as particularly sensitive:

  • Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Criminology and criminal law
  • Criminal justice
  • Medicine
  • Medical sciences (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc.)
  • Nursing
  • Aviation
  • Health care
  • Architecture, building, and planning
  • Nutrition/Dietary

Kindly note that this list of sensitive subjects is subject to further review and revision, and additional disciplines may be incorporated as deemed appropriate.

In light of the aforementioned considerations, we have also made the moral decision to extend this policy to topics that are deemed controversial or potentially divisive, such as gay marriage or abortion.

Consequently, as part of this Policy, we will cancel orders pertaining to the disciplines mentioned above. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel orders in other areas if we believe they might have real-world implications or if we consider a particular topic to be unethical or excessively controversial. In cases where orders are cancelled under this Policy, customers will be eligible for a full refund.

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